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The earliest Christians lived a faith centered around teaching, community, service, worship, and evangelization. In doing so, they faced imprisonment, torture, and often death. Each age offers unique challenges to faithful. The Christian living in our enlightened age faces challenges that are more subtle than the “Imperial Cult”, but just as deadening to the soul. The economikon is intended to aid the modern Christian in the practice of the ancient faith, by making information regarding these five activities easily accessible.
Available Versions
The economikon is available for the iPhone and the iPad. Screenshots of the iPhone app are shown at right. The iPad version can be viewed here.
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Frequently Asked Questions
When I start the economikon, it asks me for permission to use my current location. Why?
The economikon has a list of parishes (and missions) and their geographic locations. If you allow it to know your location, then it can tell you which ones are nearby.
Does the economikon need to be connected to the Internet?
The economikon will function in disconnected mode; however, it's functionality is limited until it is able to run once with Internet access. Once your device has Internet access and you run the economikon, it will download a range of information (locational, liturgical, scriptural). That information will then be used regardless of whether the economikon is connected or not. Whenever the economikon is connected, it will periodically check to see if new information is available and update itself accordingly.
I think something is “out of sync” — what can I do?
You can have the economikon reset itself. First, go to the “Settings” app and scroll down to the economikon “Pane” Once there, you will see a toggle that says “Reset on Restart” — change that from “OFF” to “ON” Second, force the economikon to close, cf., these instructions. Finally, launch the economikon again and it will “start from scratch” If those instructions are a terse, here's a more slightly more detailed exposition: double-tap the home button on your device very quickly — at the bottom of the screen you will see a list of icons corresponding to recent applications — find the icon for economikon, tap-hold until the icons start to vibrate and a little red badge appears on each icon, and then tap the little red badge on the economikon icon — it will disappear and you can then tap the home button once to make the remaining icons stop vibrating, and then tap it a second time to get back to the home screen.
What translation are you using for the scripture verses?
The economikon uses the Douay-Rheims version, as revised by Bishop Challoner in 1752. This text is public domain in the United States of America. There are, of course, a multitude of translations, of varying faithfulness; however, very few are in the public domain.
When I tap on “Community” why doesn't my parish (or mission) show up?
The economikon knows about locations within the Melkite Eparchy of Newton. If your parish or mission is in a different jurisdiction, please contact the webmaster for your jurisdiction and ask them to: prepare a file containing location information for parishes and missions (they should the contact the developer to receive information on the format); and, then make the file available via a website. Once the file is in place, you can actually copy it to your copy of the economikon to override the default location information.
Fine, that's done. When I tap on “Teaching” why doesn't my parish schedule and prayer list show up?
The locations file contains links about where to find the files contain the information for each parish and mission. Please contact the webmaster for your parish and ask them to contact the developer to receive information on the formats of these two files. Once the files are in place, your webmaster will contact the person maintaining the location file to add this information.
My parish (or mission) is in the Melkite Eparchy of Newton, who do i contact to get the location file udpated?
Please contact the maintainer of the Eparchy's website.
The economikon does not collect data about you, your device, or your usage, nor does it knowingly transmit any data from the device. If you enable Location Services for the economikon, it uses those services to determine the distance to various locations.
The developer is solely responsible for the contents of the economikon. If any of the contents herein becomes a stumbling block, please email the developer. Let no evil speech proceed from your mouth.